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In your home (Monmouth County, NJ).

I teach all ages, beginner to advanced lessons; a preference of teen-aged to adult. I start students at 7 years of age...

I teach some lessons via chat (google, skype, messenger) as well (Guitar, Bass, Mandolin). This works best if you just have a few particular musical questions. Or send me an email

A few years back my oldest student started at 98 years of age. (He needed a new hobby and always wanted to play but never gave it a was so satisfying to see him excel and make a lifelong dream come true!)


piano, organ, keyboards, accordion
electric & acoustic guitar
electric bass guitar
drum set
banjo (5-sting & tenor)


Music Theory

(Not limited to: Scales, Modes, Intervallic Relationships, Chords, Progressions, Circle of 5ths, Substitution, Reading/Writing, Penmenship, Rhythm, Harmony (harmonic function), Melody, Structure/Form, Texture, Beginner to Professionally Advanced)

Sight Reading
Rhythm: Execution, Reading, & Feeling Music
Playing by Ear
Stage Presence
Breath Control
Tuning the Voice
Stylizing the Voice
Composition: Classical, Jazz, Rock, Latin
Multi-Track Recording & DAW (Logic, Pro Tools, Garageband, Adobe Audition, Fruity Loops)


My approach to teaching music is based on the student's short & long term needs. I believe any student/parent wants to get the best out of his/her time & money. Because of that, I pay attention to every student's needs and specific performance goals while imparting as much fundamental theory as possible via the goal(s) -- whether it's just getting off the ground, sight reading, improving soloing strategy, or unlocking the ability to make a student's performance charismatic & passionate.

I prefer to tailor each lesson, though I've built a curriculum pertinent to any instrument starting with but not limited to rhythm, tonality, scales, intervals, sight reading, chords (& extensions), progressions, modes, performance, songwriting, creating & listening back to your recordings.

It is a pleasure for me to share whatever shortcuts and knowledge I've gained to simplify my student's course. Watching a student grow into a mature musician is something I want to see occur in the shortest amount of time possible.

References available upon request.

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