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This is a private page for my students. Look forward to many more bands, songs & solo practice excerpts...or request them.

Tempo Ladder

Please use this amazing practicing tool for any instrument.

I adapted this metronomic and practice approach from an incredible non-intuitive method from C. C. Chang. If you are serious about utilizing your limited practice time as wisely as possible, I'd highly recommend reading (and re-reading) the following free online book:

Fundamentals of Piano Practice

Intervals by Song

Sheet Music (PDFs)



Keyboard Visualization page

Lesson 1: the basics
Intervals (Basic)
Finger Exercise
The Natural Notes
Basic Piano Chord Shapes
C Major Scale Study
Major Scales (1 octave treble clef)
Hanon Exercise #1 Simple
Czerny 1
5-Tone Scales Setup
Pentatonic Solo practice
C to G Arpeggiated Inversions 1
C to G Inversions 2
12 Bar Blues 1
12 Bar Blues 2
Sight Reading Staff Notes
Circle of 5ths & Dominant 7th Exercise

Easy Songs

Ode To Joy (easy piano)
Yellow Submarine tutorial (in G)
I Love Rock 'N Roll (Joan Jett)
The Star-Spangled Banner (easy piano)
Another Brick pt 2 (easy organ)
She's Like A Rainbow (easy piano solo)

More Challenging Songs

When I'm 64 (easy piano)
Here Comes the Bride
L.A. Woman Piano Solo
Where Is My Mind
Life on Mars?
Bohemian Rhapsodie
Trampled Under Foot (clav)
Jessica (Gregg Allman piano solo)
Light My Fire (organ)
Time of the Season (organ)



1st Guitar Lesson
CAGED (Open) Chord Shapes
3-Note Jazz Chord Shapes
6 Guitar Necks untouched
John Petrucci (Dream Theater) - Rock Discipline
Blues Scale in Am
Pentatonic Positions
Modal Positions
Guitar Inversions
Guitar C Major Triads & Inversions Simple
Melodic 3rds
Diatonic Exercise
Modal Practice Idea
Sweep Picking

Other Guitar References

Guitar Chords Website (Awesome site for scales/licks)
6 Untouched Guitar Neck Graphs


Sunshine of Your Love
Twist and Shout
More Than Words (challenging finger picking)
The SOR Who Song Book
The Rat by The Walkmen
Pin by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Peg (Steely Dan)

Guitar tab for most rock songs can easily be googled. If you are interested in notation, let me know the song you are needing and I can score it for you and/or teach you how to notate.



Bass 1
Bass 101
Bass 102
Bass Major Scales
Walking Bass 1


The Ocean - Outro Bass Walk (Led Zep)
Brown Sugar (Rolling Stones)

Drum Kit Notation


Good Drum Mufflers
Tuning Your Drums (youtube)


40 Drum Rudiments
Basic Rock Beat +
Fills Hierarchy
Bass - Snare Control & Paradiddles

Must Have Resource Books to Purchase on Amazon

Stick Control (George Lawrence Stone)
Syncopation (Ted Reed)
Buddy Rich Rudiments


Basic Verse / Chorus feel
Seven Nation Army drums
Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites (Skrillex)
First Date intro
Don't Sweat the Technique
Can't Stand Losing You
Driven to Tears
Cissy Strut

Audio & Video


Good Voice Sites

Brett Manning's Singing Success
Enunciation Phrases
Solf¸ege vs. A-G



Tap Tempo website
Drum Rudiments (YouTube videos)
Drum Tuning (Bob Gatzen for Evans - YouTube videos)


Drum fill pyramid - easy.mp3 @ 76 bpm

Rock Beat 60 bpm

Rock Beat 70 bpm

Rock Beat 80 bpm

Rock Beat 90 bpm

Rock Beat 100 bpm

Rock Beat 105 bpm

Rock Beat 110 bpm

Rock Beat 120 bpm

Rock Beat 130 bpm

Rock Beat 140 bpm

Rock Beat 150 bpm

Rock Beat 160 bpm

Rock Beat 170 bpm

Rock Beat 180 bpm

Rock Beat 190 bpm

Rock Beat 200 bpm

Guitar Solos

Eric Johnson

Cliffs of Dover Intro 1

Cliffs of Dover Intro 2

Cliffs of Dover Intro 3

Cliffs of Dover Intro full

Jimi Hendrix

Little Wing (intro in Emaj, looped @ 83% of orig tempo)

Little Wing (intro in Emaj looped @ orig tempo)

Led Zeppelin

Communication Breakdown (Guitar Solo 1 meas. 1-8) 70%

Communication Breakdown (Guitar Solo 1 meas. 1-8) 80%

Communication Breakdown (Guitar Solo 1 meas. 1-8) 90%

Good Times Bad Times (Guitar Solo 1) 80%

Good Times Bad Times (Guitar Solo 1) 90%

Good Times Bad Times (Guitar Solo 1) 100%

Hearbreaker (Guitar Solo) 70%

Van Halen

Eruption (Guitar Solo) slowed to 65%

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