Nirvana vs Pearl Jam

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Marlboro SOR - Nirvana vs Pearl Jam


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Tuesdays 5-8PM January TBA TBA

Andy's Rehearsal Comments

20/9/11 - 2nd Reh

I assigned Song Captains. Song Captains are responsible for both knowing the form of the song and being able to lead a group upstairs in Rehearsal Room 3 while I'm downstairs running other songs. If you are a Song Captain, you need to know your part of the song and be able to teach other parts of the song to everyone else in your group. If you need help, ask me and your private instructor immediately.

Check the Google Doc to see what songs you are on. I'll update every week so keep checking to see if you have any new songs.

If you don't have 4 songs yet, let me know.

You guys are doing pretty good so far. I want to tone down the noodling between songs. I prefer a productive work environment; it's more fun to sound good as a group than just by yourself, so we have to work as a group which is different than jamming at home in your bedroom.

I'm psyched... I think we can put on a really powerful show!

13/9/11 - 1st Reh

Not a bad first rehearsal. Bookmark & check back to this page frequently as I will be updating your songs. If you need info that's not there, let me know.

There are a million ways to learn songs. Let's organize the order in which we put the parts together. We need to tackle these tunes as bands, if you can't figure out your parts on your own, have your teacher work them out with you.

1st Goal: Learn the Body of your songs -

(1) focus on the basic Verse, PreChorus & Chorus this week so we can move on to the
(2) Intro & Bridge, then we'll tidy up the
(3) Solos & Outros and whatever else is left.
I want these songs to "work" from start to finish (soon) so we can work on details. Listen to your songs 347 times. Know how many measures are in each part you learn.

Other Goals: Defining your part's rhythmic & melodic patterns, stage presence, band communication/interaction ... let's create a show that's both fun and exceptionally good because of its attention to details. So let's just start off painting some broad strokes.

Share with your teacher so we're all on the same page. I'll be filling in the song info below as the weeks roll on.


Smells Like Teen Spirit Nirvana
Lithium Nirvana
About A Girl Nirvana
Territorial Pissings Nirvana
Breed Nirvana
In Bloom Nirvana
All Apologies Nirvana
Heart Shaped Box Nirvana
School Nirvana
Sliver Nirvana
The Man Who Sold The World Nirvana
Come As You Are Nirvana
Evenflow Pearl Jam
Alive Pearl Jam
Hunger Strike Temple of the Dog
Nothingman Pearl Jam
Animal Pearl Jam
Corduroy Pearl Jam
Go Pearl Jam
Rearview Mirror Pearl Jam
Daughter Pearl Jam
Jeremy Pearl Jam
Elderly Woman Pearl Jam
Yellow Ledbetter Pearl Jam

Casting and Songs are subject to change.

Student Comments

If info for your instrument is not available, feel free to comment and I'll try to update for you.

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