Tempo Ladder

= constantly changing metronome setting...shoot for increasing the tempo 10 bpms at a click

Speed Goal:

This process can help anyone achieve a faster playing speed when you hit a "speed wall" -- or not being able to play something as fast as you'd like.


Start at a moderately slow tempo (not too slow or else it doesn’t resemble the song).

The secret is to use your VOICE ALOUD to count yourself in one measure. Imperative to do this at all New Tempos!!! (Either 1 2 3 4...or 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 +)

Always use the High Pitched click for beat 1 as 1...never stray from that groove being set for you.

The Generic ladder:

72bpm: 1st tempo. My favorite starting point, repeat selection only enough to successfully create a LOOP or CYCLING where you can play it twice in a row. As soon as you can do this, move on!

60bpm: 2nd tempo. I like to start around 70, then the next step is to play it Slower! Allows you to really get into the intricacy of where to precisely place your notes. Lock in, loop twice, and move on. Don’t stay at this tempo for too long...should be able to jump up to next tempo in less than 2 mins. If not, you didn't work it out well enough at 72.

80bpm: 3rd tempo. You should be able to get this looped within a minute or less, then move on!

90bpm: 4th tempo. You should be able to achieve this on your first try.

100bpm: 5th tempo. You should be able to achieve this on your first try.

110bpm: Continue with this 10bpm tempo increase until you've maxed out.

Original Tempo: Last tempo. Go back down to the song's original tempo and it should be a cinch at this point.

Overall Goal:

to play at 150% of song's original tempo. Some of the finest world-class classical piano players use this method to achieve their concert tempo goals and truly own it.

If you can't follow my instructions and want to learn more about this completely time-saving and professional method, please reach out to me.

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