Adult Jam - Spring 2017

Last updated Fri. May 26, 2017 -- PHASE 3

Welcome to the Monday Adult Jam Show


Song Tutorials

Phase 1

Amie (Pure Prairie League)

Midnight Rider (Allman Brothers)

Tush (ZZ Top)

Phase 2

I Hate Myself for Loving You (Joan Jett)

Phase 3

Plush (Stone Temple Pilots)

Name (Goo Goo Dolls)

Plush (STP)

Summer of 69 (Bryan Adams)

Whiskey Bar (The Doors)

Hurt So Good (Mellencamp)

Far Behind (Candlebox)

Criminal (Fiona Apple)

a song that gets the crowd involved in the chorus

Phase 3

Let's try to make headway on phases 1 and 2 before tackling this.


Guitar Visualization

Keyboard Visualization Chart Page

Cast List

Will upload soon

The casting is subject to change...everyone should be listening to all the songs.

Rehearsal Notes

I may upload soon

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