The Dave Grohl Show

Original Welcome -- March 29, 2016

Welcome Dave Grohl show parents and students!

I plan to use this web page to post updated cast lists, potentially upload instructional videos, and disseminate any other pertinent information both parents and students need to know.

When I update this page, you may need to refresh your browser to see the new changes.

I'm really excited about this show--the songs are exciting and the set list has a variety of easy and challenging parts, which should be quite suitable for all students involved.

A few rules:

    Please listen to your assigned songs at least 3 times weekly. This is the main category where most kids miss the boat on weekly improvement. Regular listening helps everyone to anticipate what's coming up next.

    Please encourage your son or daughter to practice regularly. My goal is to work on a minimum of 12 songs...hopefully 16! The only way this will be possible is if all students work diligently at home during the week. The way we will have the most fun is to accomplish a lot. There are a lot of hard working students in this class, this makes me happy! I hope it encourages those who are not used to this work ethic to step up.

    (1) If your student is having difficulty with parts, please reach out sooner than later!
    (2) If you know you will not be around for a particular rehearsal, please let me know ahead of time so I can utilize our brief two hours as effectively as possible (I thank you in advance for this one!)

    I prefer not (maybe vegetables). Messy and distracting. Please have your kids eat ahead of time. (Sugary snacks generally make rehearsals worse.)

    Totally cool and preferred:)

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