Bollywood Show 1.0

Currently in: PHASE 2

Last updated Nov. 17, 2017

Welcome to the Bollywood Show

Hi all--really looking forward to this semester's Bollywood show. This is a new endeavor and I will probably be reaching out to some parents for assistance and community effort!

I plan to have three phases to release songs. Along with that slow phase release of songs will be parallel releases of simple to challenging arrangements of the songs. Our goal will be to get through as much as is possible by the time the 2 shows occur late November and early December.

We are drummer heavy in this show, so I am picking songs that will try to showcase two percussionists: one as the primary drum kit drummer and at least one more percussionist (or more) contributing.

Also, I plan to teach our percussionists a little keyboard this semester by having them play the bass parts on keys. I would like to provide video tutorials.

I would like this show's song set list to be comprised of contemporary favorites from this millennium as well as old hits from any past decade.

Song Tutorials

Phase 1

Chulle Agg Na (Jagjit Singh)

Aha Maji

Dhoom! (mash up)


Phase 2

Afghan Jalebi (Ya Baba) - Phantom

Cham Cham

Phase 3

will share soon


Guitar Visualization

Keyboard Visualization Chart Page

Cast List

Last updated Sun. Sept. 5, 2017

The casting is subject to change...everyone should be listening to all the songs.

Rehearsal Notes

I will provide after a few rehearsals...please check back.

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