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Dhoom - Tutorial

Table of Contents

  1. Song Audio (YouTube)
  2. Song Lyrics and Chords
  3. Keyboard
  4. Bass Tab
  5. Guitar Tab

YouTube Song Audio

We'll use this version to study

Dhoom 2, (English: Blast 2), also abbreviated and known as D:2, D2 and Dhoom 2: Back In Action) is a 2006 Indian action thriller film directed by Sanjay Gadhvi and produced by Aditya Chopra and Yash Chopra.

lyrics video

Andy's Tutorial for simple bass on keyboard

coming soon

Song Form


coming soon

Song Lyrics and Chords


(bass goes back and forth between A and G)

Dhoom again and run away with me on a rollercoaster ride 
Dhoom again and see ur wildest dreams slowly come alive 
Dhoom again and gotta break the rules and party all the time 
Dhoom again we gotta steal the show 
U know that ain t no crime 


   Am               Dm      Am        Am
So steal all that u can the magic u began 
       F           F         Am                  G
Let s shout, break out, come on once again lets hear it 
Dhoom machale...

(once more, come on, ya people)


Dhoom machale, Dhoom machale
Dhoom machale, Dhoom machale
Dhoom machale, Dhoom machale

Dhoom again and feel the beat of the rhythm, rhythm of the night 
Dhoom again and hear the voices calling, creatures of the night 
Dhoom again and see the shadows dancing in the pale moonlight 
Dhoom againa and feel ur heartbeat pumping now the time is right 

So go walk out the dur get down, get on the floor 
Let's shout break out, come on once again let s hear it 
Dhoom machale 

And when luv comes ur way, u ll know its here to stay 
U ll steal the chance, cose u re the thief of hearts yeah 
U ll win with a galance, walk away with ur romance 
There s no more ther s no backing, out now

Dhoom again and make the whole world crazy, set ur spirit free 
Dhoom again anf take a break right now, come celeberate with me 
Dhoom again cos all wanna do, is steal the show some how 
Shoom again cos all i wanna say is hey the time is now 
Let nothing get u down, go out and paint the town 
Let s shout break out, come on once again lets hear it 
Doom machale



Will be played on keyboard

Bass Tab


none yet

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