Pricing Chart

Payments accepted: cash, check, and PayPal


First Time Tuning Service Estimates
Fine Tuning:
1.5 - 2 hrs
My average price for a fine tuning is $110. If your piano is tuned regularly...about every 6-9 months, it may only need a fine tuning. (Your piano must be within 5% of A440.)
One Pitch Raise & Fine tuning:
2.5 - 3 hrs
$125-135 Bringing a piano's coarse tuning back up to the standard A440. If your piano is more than 10% off, a pitch raise will be necessary. See below for more details.
Two Pitch Raises & Fine tuning:
3 - 4 hrs
$140-160 I call this a Frankenstein revival, and run into this scenario somewhat regularly. This type of tuning can be exhausting, but it is important to do multiple tunings so as to reduce risk of breaking strings. If your piano is 30% or more off, I will probably need to do two pitch raises to prep for an accurate fine tuning.
Three or More Pitch Raises & Fine Tuning:
3+ hrs
$160+ ? When three pitch raises are necessary, which I have been coming across more and more often. A triple pitch raise is a serious job to undertake--it's exhausting and time consuming. This is the case sometimes when a piano has been sitting a decade or more...and is 50% or more out (a quarter step +).
Player Pianos (Upright)

$140 minimum for fine tuning; $30 extra per pitch raise Upright player pianos are more challenging to work on and typically take longer as a tuner needs to work around the player mechanism (or some disassembling may be required depending on the make/model). I start at a minimum of $130 for simply a fine tuning, though most player pianos I come across need more than one round, which is not fun to work on considering the obstructions.

Grand-style player pianos are typically much easier to work on than upright player pianos as the mechanism does not typically interfere with the tuning process. If that is the case, normal prices would apply.

Subsequent Services
Follow-up Fine Tuning
6 to 9 months after previous services:
1 - 2 hrs
I'll do a Fine Tuning for this price if we schedule the follow up between 6-9 months after. Manufacturers recommend getting your piano tuned every 6 months.
12 to 15 months after:
1 - 2 hrs
Fine Tuning, plus minor repairs and adjustments (if done at least annually).
Thorough Cleaning:
1/2 hr - 3 hrs
Removing and vacuuming beneath the keys, really shining up each key, brightening strings with steel wool, dusting beneath the hard-to-reach grand strings, vacuuming throughout entire piano, nice cabinet polish with cheesecloth to finish up.
1/2 - 1 hr
Purchasing a new or used piano and want its condition assessed? I will evaluate it for you before you purchase it and give you a detailed review of the piano's over-all condition, focused condition of the 1000s of working parts, inherent sound quality, keyboard touch and sensitivity, and overall musicality to suit your needs and budget.
Cost may be a little higher if travel time is significant.
Pitch Raise:
1/2 hr - 1.5 hrs
$35 Bringing a piano's mean tuning back up to the standard A440... what most pianos should be tuned to. Tuning a piano to itself can leave it dull rather than the brilliance that the piano can offer. Might take a piano a little time to settle in to the new overall tuning, requiring a follow-up visit for touch ups.
Partial Regulation:
2 - 4 hrs
$50-250 Partial regulation of the piano's action. Sticky notes? Keys not level? A partial regulation should take care of those issues.

This is a completely different job than tuning a piano: 
tightening and adjusting necessary action parts...which has nothing to do with tuning the strings.

This work will be completed in your home. Price will coincide with the amount of time the job takes.
Complete Regulation:
10 - 15 hrs
$400-700 Complete regulation of the piano's action.  Going over the action with a fine tooth comb-- tightening and regulating all 3,000+ adjustments.

I'll be taking your piano's action home with me to work on cleaning and going over every square inch to bring the functionality back to original factory feel (as close as possible).
Adjusting the tone quality, dynamic range, evenness from note to note, and balance from section to section.
All Day Service:
8 hrs
$450 Tune, Regulate, Voice, Repair



  1) You should allow two to three hours (may be on the longer side if the piano has not been maintained)

  2) Please plan on having a quiet home during the tuning: no vacuum cleaners, loud TV in next room, lawn mowers, loud fans, don't do the dishes or run the dishwasher, garbage disposal, loud conversation, rotary saws, etc. 

  3) Payment should be made at the time of service

  4) Please remove all items from the top of your piano in advance


Yearly Tuning

I took this snapshot from a great book called "The Piano Book" by Larry Fine. About 7 months flat, and 5 months sharp. I feel like New Jersey is more like 8 flat and 4 sharp...maybe near the ocean. Also greatly depends on the climate within a house: air conditioned summers and dry heat winters.

Pitch Raise

If your piano has not been tuned for a long time (a year or more), it could be a quarter step (or more) out of tune. As a result, bringing the piano up to pitch could add over two tons of pressure to the frame and plate. This might require tuning the piano two or more times to equalize the tension along the entire harp of the piano. If the piano is way out of tune and this is not done, as one section of the piano is tuned, the warping effect causes the other sections to go out of tune -- the piano fights itself.

If there are major problems with your piano, such as cracked bridges, tuning pins that are extremely loose, rusted or corroded strings, it might not be possible to raise the pitch to the correct tension (without some major repair or rebuilding work). There also might be the possibility of breaking strings.

If you would like to know in advance if your piano needs a pitch raise, you can call and play several of your notes over the phone, I will be glad to measure the difference from the standard (A=440HZ). If the note is 10% or more off, it will need a pitch raise. I generally prefer doing a fine tuning only when the coarse tuning is within 5%...then I can do a really accurate fine tuning.

Scheduling regular tunings two to four times a year should help in alleviating most major pitch problems.

I charge about $30 for each pitch raise (pre-tension adjustment), which is way lower than I should charge. If a piano is severely out of tune (50% of the way toward the next 1/2 step down), we might want to consider a gradual increase over a few months to a year depending on the stability of the piano's strings and how much time we are available for that session. This would allow the strings to adjust to the tension increase of tuning it probably 3-4 times, and help in avoiding the cost of replacing broken strings. Though the upper wire is not wildly expensive, each wound low string is a special order from Mapes - $30 each.

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