Beard Show 7.0 - F Bands Show

We're in PHASES 1, 2 and 3

Last updated Sat. Feb 24, 2018

Welcome to the F - Bands Show


To really see improvement...I recommend that every student shoot for 4 practice sessions a week at 40 minutes a session. That's when the magic happens (over the course of time).

First Show Announced

March 25, 2018 @ Our House Banquet Hall (Farmingdale, NJ)

Second Show Announced

Sunday April 15th--from 12pm to 7pm (I'll tell you specific time)

Crossroads in Garwood NJ, 78 North Ave, Garwood, NJ 07027

(908) 232-5666


(Call or email via website for reservations)

YouTube Playlist

Watch Vids

Song Tutorials

Phase 1

Learn to Fly (Foo Fighters)

Dog Days Are Over (Florence + the Machine)

Chain of Fools (Aretha Franklin)

Take Me Out (Franz Ferdinand)

Do You Realize?? (The Flaming Lips)

Somebody to Love (Freddy Mercury of Queen)

Phase 2

Slow Ride (Foghat)

Don't Stop (Fleetwood Mac)

Waiting Room (Fugazi)

Phase 3

Wish You Were Here (Pink Floyd)

Big Girls Don't Cry (Fergie)

Criminal (Fiona Apple)


Guitar Visualization

Keyboard Visualization Chart Page

Cast List

Disclaimer: casting is subject to change!

Updated: Feb. 7, 2018

will update soon

Rehearsal Notes

Feb 3rd rehearsal notes

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